Why RBC Rewards is the most flexible loyalty program in the country

Why RBC Rewards is the most flexible loyalty program in the country

You can now pay for your bills and in-store purchases with points.

Rewards programs have come a long way over the past decade, with companies making it easier than ever for customers to use their points on the things that matter most to them—whether it’s the trip of a lifetime, your weekly grocery bill or donating to charity.

For those looking to maximize flexibility and freedom, RBC Rewards—Canada’s largest bank-owned loyalty program—is one of the most intuitive out there, letting users pay for everything from everyday expenses to vacation splurges with their points. Pay with Points seamlessly integrates the rewards program into everyday life, by letting members pay back their credit card bills with points, and also redeem points on purchases made in stores. Most recently, RBC launched a new capability called Pay Bills with Points, which is the first of its kind in Canada and is exactly what it sounds like: members can use their rewards points to pay all kinds of bills (think: phone, internet and utilities) through online banking and the RBC mobile banking app.

If you want to pay your bills with points, you simply login to online banking or the RBC Mobile app as usual, and redeem your points to make a same-day payment to any Canadian payee or credit card (yes, that means you can even use points to pay for things like your annual property taxes or student loans).

This is a great feature for budget-conscious Torontonians for a few reasons. Considering that everyone does, in fact, have to pay their bills, when you pay with points you’re basically getting a necessary expenditure for free. This means you can lower your monthly costs and put that extra cash in a rainy-day fund. Alternatively, if you’ve happened to have had a few more lavish dinners out than normal by the end of one month, and cashflow is low, having the option to pay that internet bill with points means you don’t have to worry about flaking out. It could also let users finally upgrade their existing services. For instance, if you’ve been jealous of all your friends binge-watching all the latest shows on premium channels, but simply couldn’t justify the extra expense, you could now indulge in your favourite dramas totally guilt-free.

This launch comes on the heels of another cool capability that lets you pay for practically any store purchase with points, whether it’s diapers for your kid or a spa day for yourself. With this program, all you need to do is download an eligible RBC Wallet app (with iOS, Android or Samsung Pay), and use it to pay for purchases. The cost is initially charged to your credit card, but you continue to earn RBC Rewards points for the purchase, and you’ll get a statement credit for the amount you redeemed within two to three days. The capability means you can use points wherever digital wallets are accepted—which is pretty much everywhere these days.

Ultimately, RBC’s rewards program is all about freedom, flexibility and choice—things that are important in life, and possibly even more important when it comes to your points. Because busy Torontonians who aren’t jet-setting to Miami every weekend should be able to spend their points on whatever they want, even if it’s just their monthly internet bill or weekly grocery run.