QUOTED: Rob Ford’s lawyer, yesterday; Rob Ford, three weeks ago

QUOTED: Rob Ford's lawyer, yesterday; Rob Ford, three weeks ago
“The defendant is mimicking for the purpose of joking with friends at a private gathering (admittedly poorly) that professional wrestler in the portions of the video referenced by the plaintiff.”

-An excerpt from Rob Ford’s statement of defence, filed yesterday in the lawsuit brought against him by Scott MacIntyre, his sister Kathy Ford’s ex-husband. MacIntyre alleges that an infamous video in which Ford threatens to kill an unknown person actually depicts the planning of a 2012 jailhouse assault that left MacIntyre with smashed teeth and a broken leg. Ford is now claiming that the video was taken in the run-up to his 2013 arm-wrestling match with Hulk Hogan, and that he was only trying to imitate the wrestler.

Jimmy Kimmel: Who are you talking about in that video? Rob Ford: ... Jimmy Kimmel: You don’t know. Rob Ford: Exactly.

-And yet, three weeks ago, Ford was claiming that he didn’t recall what he was doing in that video. Here’s what he had to say on the subject during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.


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