Queen’s Park whines to David Miller: stop being a jerk

Queen’s Park whines to David Miller: stop being a jerk

Somebody call the wahmbulance. The government of Ontario, having felt the bitter lash of Toronto’s mayoral disappointment, has sent Minister of Transportation Kathleen Wynne to gently request that David Miller stop saying mean things about Queen’s Park.

Reports the Sun:

Transit City likely will be built in about 10 years, instead of eight, which most people would consider a reasonable delay given the recession, she said.

“One of the biggest concerns I have right now is that the signals that are coming from city hall are about cuts instead of a delay,” Wynne said Monday. “We want to make this move as quickly as possible, and the way that’s going to work is to work with us, not to grandstand and say that we’re cutting. So that’s my frustration. That word keeps being used.”

Yes, that must be rough. It’s understandably frustrating when someone in government uses misleading words to describe their policies. Like when they say, “Here’s an intelligent sex-ed policy,” and what they mean is, “We’re withdrawing the intelligent sex-ed policy.” Or when they say, “Here’s some money for streetcars,” when what they mean to say is, “Here is no money for streetcars.”

• Hey, city hall, cut the transit talk: Province [Toronto Sun]