Proposed TTC cuts to affect 250,000 riders

Proposed TTC cuts to affect 250,000 riders

As the February 2 TTC meeting approaches, we’re getting more and more data about just how big the proposed cut to the city’s bus service is. On CBC’s Metro Morning today, TTC chief general manager Gary Webster told Matt Galloway that something like a quarter million people will be affected by the proposed route cuts. He went on to say that these cuts are going to be difficult, and are either going to change people’s travel or eliminate their ability to travel along those routes altogether. The TTC’s public consultations continue tonight, but already it looks like people are giving the TTC a piece of their mind. Or so reports the Toronto Sun.

“I’m frustrated,” said Adam Cohoon, 30, who said he’d be affected by lack of evening service on the 5 Avenue Rd., 26 Dupont and 6 Bay buses.

Cohoon, who’s disabled, said he’d need to plan his schedules more carefully — or resort to WheelTrans.

“We fought for years for more accessible transit,” he said. “To cut some of these routes — they’re not looking at the big picture.”

The only happy spin we can find in this is the glimmer of hope for the Toronto Roller Derby league (ToRD), who may have convinced Doug Ford and the rest of the budget committee to preserve the 101 Downsview bus and thus keep their ride to Downsview Park. Apparently, the image of city council forcing young women to walk a kilometre in the dark on a road with no sidewalk was a bit much to swallow. Now, if only there was a roller derby league big enough for 250,000 more transit riders.

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(Image: Neal Jennings)