Point/Counterpoint: was Ryan Gosling snubbed by the Academy?

Point/Counterpoint: was Ryan Gosling snubbed by the Academy?

This morning we asked Torontolife.com intern Frances McInnis and associate online editor Kevin Naulls to watch the announcement of the Oscar nominations. One thing was clear to both of them: the absence of Ryan Gosling. He didn’t get a nod for best actor or best abs, and Frances is not too pleased—we can only just imagine how those protesters from last year are reacting (crying, obviously). Find out how they both feel (note: it’s hilarious) in their live, up-to-the-minute coverage of what some are likely viewing as the worst possible outcome (Ryan Gosling being snubbed again!) after the jump.

This is Ryan Gosling’s year, I just know it. He’s definitely owed. Remember that time he was nominated for Half Nelson? Oh, he was so good in that. And hot. Well, except when he was supposed to look like he was on drugs (but no big deal, Ryan—not even Christian Bale could pull off hot in The Machinist). Anyway, he so should have won back then. Forest Whitaker is a total hack.

Of course, that doesn’t matter because this year the Goz is sure to get noticed. He’s been in three movies! That means he’ll get three times the number of votes. Mathematically, it makes perfect sense. Oh, I bet he gets nominated for two Oscars—for Drive and The Ides of March (obviously). He was so good in both. And hot. More muscle-hot in Drive, and then smart-hot in Ides. In the acting business, they call that range.

Oh, but he was also so funny in Crazy, Stupid, Love. So he can be funny-hot, too. That character had a lot of depth. Spoiler: he was picking up all those women because he was actually broken inside. You could just see the pain in his eyes. Acting!

Oh, the nominations are starting! Go Ryan, go!

Wait, what? Who are these people?! Who is that French guy? He didn’t even talk in his movie! Brad Pitt got a nomination for Moneyball? All he did was chew tobacco and throw chairs!

The Oscars are the worst.

Ryan Gosling can go to hell. If I have to listen to one more girlfriend marry into the idea that he’s a feminist, politically inclined wonk job or into kerning, I might have to show the world my abs (and you do not want to see them, because they don’t exist).

So he played a brooding guy with a dark side in Drive? Well, welcome to Murder by Numbers, another movie with the Goz that didn’t deserve an Oscar. It sucks sitting here waiting, but I can’t wait to dole out “I told you so”s once the Academy reveals what I’ve always known: the Almighty Goz is a total hack (with good abs).

Did you see Crazy, Stupid, Love? Gozzy is not a comedian. And way to wrangle Emma Stone into your web, jerk. She’s a promising young actress and you tainted her.

I hope he gets nominated for zero Oscars because dude is a big fat Adonis-type zero. Also, remember his terrible band? Stop wasting my time.

Oh, the nominations are starting! Go Jean Dujardin, go!

Woo! Take that, Ryan Gosling. Nobody loves you anymore. At least the Academy doesn’t.

The Oscars are the best.