Some photos of the protest outside Doug Ford’s all-night meeting to cut city council

Some photos of the protest outside Doug Ford’s all-night meeting to cut city council

Last night, Premier Doug Ford had Ontario’s legislative assembly pull an all-nighter to debate Bill 31, a piece of legislation that would invoke the so-called “notwithstanding clause” of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in order to cut Toronto’s city council down to 25 members from 47, despite an earlier court decision that quashed the move on constitutional grounds. Hundreds gathered last night outside of Queen’s Park to protest the council cuts. Here’s what the scene was like.

The lineups to get into the public debate were extraordinarily long:

Protestors were chanting:

And chanting…

Things were still rowdy at nearly 2 a.m.:

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It’s 1:47 am at Queen’s Park.

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Thank goodness for coffee:

There was a heavy police presence:

Protestors left signs on the lawn of Queen’s Park:

Earlier in the day, there was a petition encouraging Caroline Mulroney to stand up for the Charter:

Here are a few more signs:

This guy made a hockey reference:

This man worried about a slippery slope:

Someone showed up with a “Crybaby lefties” sign:

These people clearly put some work into their protest:

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Sometimes simple is best:

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The premier of Ontario is dismissing a judge's ruling to halve the size of Toronto's city council via a never-before-used clause that allows him to override the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms. This is an obstruction of our right to appropriate representation. Toronto is an extremely diverse city with different needs mashed into the existing wards- expanding the wards would make it much more difficult for one councillor (and their one vote) to represent their constituents. Email and call your MPP to register your unhappiness, and remind them that THEY represent YOU. #chronicillness #invisibleillness #contestedillness #chronicfatigue #mecfs #undiagnosed #invisibledisability #disability #disabilitystudies #crip #socialwork #resistance #feminism #sociology #biopolitics #sick #sickgirlsclub #illness #spoonie #spoonielife #WalangHiya #onpoli #notwithstanding

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Some kids were there:

Meanwhile, in Hamilton: