PHOTO: The World’s Biggest Bookstore’s sign comes down

PHOTO: The World's Biggest Bookstore's sign comes down
(Image: Kathy Vey)

Earlier this afternoon, a crew was in the middle of removing the final “e” from the exterior of the former World’s Biggest Bookstore, at Yonge and Edward streets. It’s the final step in the closing process that began in 2012, when Indigo made it known that it wouldn’t be renewing the store’s lease. Toronto journalist Kathy Vey took this photo from a window in the Atrium on Bay, across the street.

The World’s Biggest Bookstore (which wasn’t, actually) opened in 1980 and shut its doors for good on March 30. Here, because why not, is a video of its greatest contribution to world culture: a cameo in Short Circuit 2:

Where will robots go to learn, now? The internet?


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