What people are saying about Jordan Peterson’s upcoming showdown with Slavoj Zizek

What people are saying about Jordan Peterson's upcoming showdown with Slavoj Zizek

The most hyped Toronto sporting event of 2019 is a showdown between two guys who probably shouldn’t exert themselves, for health reasons.

Jordan Peterson, the celebrity U of T psychology professor, has been engaged for months in a low-key war of words with Slavoj Zizek, a famed Slovenian philosopher. The two men are intellectual internet celebrities of somewhat comparable stature, but the similarities pretty much end there. Peterson is a rail-skinny apostle of self-discipline who is fond of berating his foes for engaging in so-called “cultural Marxism,” a kind of catch-all term for what Peterson sees as the intellectual decadence of the political left. Zizek, meanwhile, is a freewheeling jokester with a Falstaffian appearance and some actual, sincere Marxist beliefs. He has taken to criticizing Peterson for his use of the term.

Last week, Peterson announced that he and Zizek would be meeting on stage at the Sony Centre in Toronto for a debate called “Happiness: Capitalism v. Marxism.” Apparently the two men are going to have some kind of intellectual duel over the very fabric of society. Or something. It’s not entirely clear. Whatever the case, the internet is extremely excited that two of its favourite talking heads are about to engage in some highbrow Mortal Kombat. Here’s what people are saying.

Peterson has been hyping the fight on his Twitter:

The general consensus on Twitter is that Zizek will destroy Peterson:

There’s a lot of Peterson hate out there:

Like, a lot:

Also some hate for Peterson’s fanbase:

And also some hate for the prices of tickets:


That’s not to say Zizek has completely escaped criticism. Lots of people apparently think he looks sorta like a feral, trash-eating animal?

Granted, Zizek did once say something to this effect:

This debate will be presented in smell-o-vision:

Also, the ticket page was oddly specific about there being no free seating for “children or babes in arms,” which led to a whole other genre of jokes:

Yup, that’ll happen:


Ladies, please. There will be plenty of time for underwear signing after the event:

And a parting thought:


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