People aren’t thrilled with Justin Trudeau’s Indian wardrobe

People aren't thrilled with Justin Trudeau's Indian wardrobe
Photograph from Justin Trudeau/Instagram

Justin Trudeau is in India this week, making an official visit that seems to generate a new controversy every day. He was possibly snubbed on arrival by the Indian prime minister (or maybe not). He had to disinvite a guy who was convicted of attempted murder from a formal event in Delhi. But, for the most part, all people want to talk about are his clothes.

Over the course of the trip, the PM has been photographed repeatedly in elaborate Indian-style garb, sometimes at temples and other hallowed locations, but also at the airport and during at least one official function. The reviews of Trudeau’s sartorial choices haven’t been universally bad: the Hindustan Times, noting his “golden sherwani,” wrote that he “impressed all with his love for India.” But some people on Twitter have been less impressed with the costumed charm offensive. Here’s what they’re saying.

The consensus seems to be that Trudeau’s shiny garb makes him look like he’s going to a wedding—possibly his own:

It would be sort of like if a foreign dignitary showed up in Ottawa wearing a black tuxedo and a satin cummerbund:

Some thought the awkward adoption of Indian fancy dress made the PM look like a dilettante with a South Asian girlfriend:

Or a novice yoga practitioner with a massive wardrobe budget:

Maybe he was unaware that suit and tie was an option?

Or maybe he was just a little overexcited?


Or maybe it’s time for a new cabinet position?

You know things are bad when even the fake North Korea Twitter account is getting in on the public shaming:


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