Oprah names Justin Bieber one of the world’s most talented kids

Oprah names Justin Bieber one of the world’s most talented kids

Oprah dares to tousle the Bieber bob (Image: Gawker TV)

Yesterday, teen dream Justin Bieber appeared on Oprah as part of her World’s Most Talented Kids episode, taped in front of a studio audience of hysterical teen girls. In one of the insanely over-the-top pre-taped clips (see them on Gawker TV), producer L.A. Reid compares the Biebs to Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. But our favourite clip is the last one, in which he performs a drum solo. We’re pretty sure the video capture had syncing issues and he actually is playing the drums, but are there any drummers out there who care to analyze the vid? His next act will be turning water into grape juice.

In other Bieber news, an L.A. Times reporter had his day at Six Flags amusement park “ruined” by the YouTube sensation. While waiting in line for a roller coaster, writer Mark Milian was accosted by hordes of teen girls screaming Justin Bieber’s name as the singer and his posse cut in line to ride the coaster by themselves (about two dozen seats were empty as they rode).

Meanwhile, the fans’ cheers took a nosedive as many had realized that they had just been dusted off as second-class citizens so the boy wonder and his entourage could get the star treatment. “I hate Justin!” one girl screamed as he left. “Yeah, but I still like that one song,” her friend admitted.

Regular folk in the lineup had to wait an extra half hour before the queue was moving again. Celebrities—they’re not like us. Not by a long shot.

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