Some notables earning six-figures (or more!) from Ontario’s annual “sunshine list”

Some notables earning six-figures (or more!) from Ontario’s annual “sunshine list”

Dalton McGuinty made $208,974 last year (Image: Communitech Photos)

Once again, Ontario’s sunshine list has spotlighted the public servants who made $100,000 or more last year. A list of rich people is always a delight, and this year’s disclosure—released late last week—set the stage for today’s release of what will likely be an austere provincial budget, given Ontario’s troubling $16-billion deficit. The full group of six-figure earners is 79,000-strong, so we’ve compiled a cheat sheet of a few of the most high-profile.

1. The top earner
The provincial employee who had the most lucrative 2011 was Thomas Mitchell, president and chief executive officer of Ontario Power Generation. The head of the Crown-owned electricity utility made a cool $1,824,000.04 (don’t forget that extra four cents!), including $800,000 in salary and incentive pay of $1-million.

2. The politicos
Premier Dalton McGuinty pulled in $208,974. That’s better than both Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak and NDP leader Andrea Horwath, neither of whom made enough to be in Canada’s top one per cent of earners, making $180,855.96 and $158,157.96, respectively.

3. Rob Ford adversary A
TTC chief general manager Gary Webster made $282,697.88 in 2011, before Rob Ford had him ousted for blasphemy against subways. But don’t cry for Gary—under the terms of his severance, he’ll draw that salary for two more years, and he doesn’t even have to show up for work.

4. Rob Ford adversary B
Toronto’s chief of police Bill Blair, who held his own in last fall’s budget battle with Ford, made $328,557.60 last year. Go ahead and call him a fat cat, but just don’t mention Hannah Arendt.

5. Conspicuously absent
Former Ornge CEO Chris Mazza was placed on medical leave after his $1.4-million salary first became public in December, and then fired in February as evidence mounted of shady financial transactions and mismanagement at air ambulance services. However, since he was paid through private, for-profit subsidiaries, his salary doesn’t appear on the sunshine list. That said, the list does include Tom Lepine, ORNGE’s chief operating officer who was also fired in February, who made $306,201.61.

6. He of YouTube fame
Adam Josephs a.k.a. Officer Bubbles earned a few thousand dollars less than last year, but still just made it on the list with $102,752.93.