What notable Torontonians dressed up as for Halloween

We know, Halloween isn’t actually until tomorrow. But anyone wanting to party in costume and not be deathly hungover at work the next day celebrated on Saturday—including these well-known Toronto folks. Here are some of our favourite looks from local notables.

Newly married Jenna Naumovich Freda went as an elaborately dolled-up mermaid, and crafted her top herself:


Telecom heiress Chloe Rogers went as Marilyn Monroe, with a dead JFK for good measure:


ETalk’s Tyrone Edwards recruited a band of Star Wars characters, including a group of storm troopers, Darth Vader and C3PO (we’re unsure which one he actually is):


The Social’s Melissa Grelo also went for a group costume: heroes vs. villains.



The Beckerman twins channelled their high-fashion police:


Roxy Earle kept it low-key glam with a floral masquerade theme:


Fitness influencer Beverley Cheng made the home team proud:


Matty Matheson dressed up his kid, instead:


Photographer Jake Rosenberg channelled a chill western vibe:



Celeb party planner Melissa Andre was basically a J.Lo body double:


Thomson Reuters scion Tessa Thomson opted for a classic devil look:


Part-time Muskoka residents Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber dressed up for a Casamigos party:


Drew Scott’s Halloween attempt was... a bit sad:


Port Perry–bred Brad Goreski was spot-on as a Kardashian:



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