Not one woman under 40 is doing anything noteworthy in Toronto: Globe and Mail

Not one woman under 40 is doing anything noteworthy in Toronto: Globe and Mail

While scanning the Globe’s annual list of the top 40 Canadians under the age of 40, it might seem as though being from Ontario is a prerequisite for consideration (half of the honourees are), but by looking closer, we were able to discern three factors that, if adopted, will help even more Torontonians make the list.

1. Be a man
According to the Globe and Mail, one of the sponsors of the awards, the list is compiled by a 25-member independent advisory board and chosen from “about 1,100 nominees through a selection process based on five criteria: vision and leadership; innovation and achievement; impact; growth and development strategy; and community involvement and contribution.” Though not stated, apparently it also helps if nominees have a Y chromosome. Only five women made the list this year. Only one of those, Eve Tsai, is from Ontario—and she’s from Ottawa.

2. Be older than 35
The list is called “Top 40 Under 40,” but it really should be called “Top 40 Pushing 40.” No one on the list is younger than 30, and no one from the GTA is younger than 35. Maybe it takes longer to make a difference in Toronto. At least that’s what all the nominees under 35 are telling themselves.

3. Don’t bother going outside regional stereotypes
To look at the list, the GTA has only two industries—if the honouree isn’t a non-profit, it’s likely he or she is a banker. Also, most of the Albertans are in the energy sector.

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