The no-politics councillor questionnaire: Anthony Perruzza vs. Tiffany Ford

Doug Ford’s decision to slash the size of city council means that this October’s election will include a number of head-to-head battles between sitting councillors, whose formerly separate wards have suddenly been consolidated into one. For voters who are flummoxed by all of this, we present the ultimate tie-breaker: a questionnaire that has very little to do with politics. If you can’t decide which way to vote based on policy, let personality be your guide.

Editor’s note: We asked the other major York West city council candidate, Giorgio Mammoliti, to participate in this questionnaire. We received no response from his staff.

The no-politics councillor questionnaire: Anthony Perruzza vs. Tiffany Ford
Anthony Perruzza Current councillor for Ward 8, York West
Tiffany Ford City council candidate, current Toronto District School Board trustee for York West
What’s your most impressive trait?
Perruzza: My ability to work hard and focus.
Ford: I’m very persuasive.
What’s your worst trait?
Perruzza: Sometimes I’m too harsh when dealing with hypocrites or people who are dishonest.
Ford: I’m addicted to coffee.
What time do you wake up?
Perruzza: 5:30 a.m.
Ford: 7 a.m.
What do you typically eat for breakfast?
Perruzza: Eggs or cereal.
Ford: Coffee sustains me all morning and then I have an early lunch.
What’s your favourite dinner spot in the city?
Perruzza: My mother’s kitchen.
Ford: I’m vegan, so my options for eating out are quite limited. I don’t have many favourites in the city, but I do like Planta.
What’s the last book you read?
Perruzza: A Dance with Dragons, by George R.R. Martin.
Ford: The Handbook of Board Governance, by Richard LeBlanc, for my Executive MBA course.
What’s your major hobby?
Perruzza: Riding my bike.
Ford: I’m a global affairs enthusiast, which means I find myself reading or researching a lot of international news. I’m quite boring.
What don’t people understand about you?
Perruzza: People outside my ward don’t always understand the ward I represent. They have the wrong impression of Jane and Finch and how hardworking the residents are.
Ford: They often don’t know my professional background. I’m a very successful marketer who has had global businesses in the telecom and beverages industries. I’m a serial entrepreneur.
What form of transportation do you rely on the most?
Perruzza: My bicycle.
Ford: My car.
What would you be doing if you weren’t in politics?
Perruzza: I’d be building things.
Ford: I’m working on an MBA and would return to entrepreneurship if I wasn’t elected. I would also continue my work in community advocacy.
Complete the sentence: Doug Ford is...
Perruzza: The premier now, but he used to work in the office next door to mine. As I told him then, before he makes changes, he needs to respect and listen to all opinions.
Ford: NOT related to me.
What irritates you?
Perruzza: Rudeness.
Ford: The stigmatization of the Jane-Finch community.
What delights you?
Perruzza: Good food and good friends.
Ford: Coffee, and my pets.
Who needs to be stopped?
Perruzza: Politicians who divide people instead of uniting them.
Ford: Career politicians in Ward 7.
Who’s your dream date?
Perruzza: My wife, Keyla.
Ford: My dream date is in December, when I hope to be sworn in as Ward 7’s councillor.
Curveball time: of all the characters Tom Hanks has played in movies, which one do you most identify with?
Perruzza: Captain John Miller in Saving Private Ryan, because he is focused on his mission and dogged about achieving his goal.
Ford: I don’t know watch many movies, so I don’t know.


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