A new walkway at Union Station is causing delays and confusion—and commuters are really angry about it

Any of the 300,000 people who commute via Union Station on a daily basis don’t need a reminder that construction has been an ongoing struggle. An $823-million revitalization project has been underway for nine years but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel PATH: the project is said to be on track (get it?) to be completed in 2020. Of course, that’s not before a few more transit woes along the way. The most recent one? Yet another change up to the routes into and out of Union Station—this time it’s a new covered walkway that’s giving people the runaround. Here’s what Toronto’s every-beleaguered commuters had to say on Twitter.

Speaking of moats, ever wonder if commuters would rather try using a giant catapult to fling themselves across the city than traverse through Union?


This user thinks that they’ll still get lost, even with a guide by GO Transit. What could be confusing about a subterranean labyrinth with blocked exits?


And yet, all efforts to find platform 9 ¾ have come up short:


Oh sure, just follow the red line...



This user has a terse reply to a Union Station Twitter account, noting that the construction has been going on for ages:


Gong show is a pretty great Canadianism that might apply to the Union Station delays, but then again, so is FUBAR:


This timeline is a touch less optimistic than the city’s:


This person jokes about adding a subway closure for the fun, but please, don’t tempt the powers that be:


There are an estimated 30 billion planets in the universe, so the likelihood of this might be higher than this user realizes— maybe they’ll re-classify Pluto as a planet, too:



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