New GTA area code to complicate established phone-based stereotypes

New GTA area code to complicate established phone-based stereotypes

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Just when downtowners thought they had suburbanites pigeonholed under the convenient umbrella term “905ers” (ignoring the too-random 289, which doesn’t have the same ring to it), an announcement came through yesterday that there will be a new area code in the mix by March 2013: 365. The Canadian Numbering Administrator, potentially the most boring-sounding organization in the country, had earlier warned that the region would run out of telephone numbers by 2014 without a new three-digit code. We tried to find out exactly what the Canadian Numbering Administrator does but fell asleep while reading its mandate.

The reasons behind the move aren’t surprising. A surging population and proliferation of mobile devices have been eating up suburban phone numbers at an unsustainable pace. Another part of the problem is that emerging telephone competitors are given blocks of 10,000 numbers to work with, even if they don’t use them, which accelerates the rate at which numbers are exhausted.

A spokesperson for the CRTC told the Post that a fourth area code—likely 742—might be necessary by 2036. After that, the supply of potential area codes could become exhausted, paving the way for a move into uncharted territory, like additional digits or a country code. All this makes us wonder how many numbers we’re willing to dial in order to reach Bolton.

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