New details surface about the second Rob Ford crack video

New details surface about the second Rob Ford crack video

(Image: Christopher Drost)

The circumstances surrounding the second Rob Ford crack video—the one whose existence was revealed amid a torrent of Ford news on Wednesday night—may be stranger than most of us imagined. The Star managed to catch up with the person who took the cell phone video on Saturday night, and scraped a few new details from the bottom of this particular barrel of shame. (Oh, who are we kidding? It’s bottomless.)

Among the things this person, who is identified only as a 20-year-old drug dealer and friend of Ford’s sister Kathy, told the Star:

  • Rob Ford’s friend, alleged drug dealer and extortionist Sandro Lisi, was in the room. Ford repeatedly assaulted him over the course of the night. When Kathy asked Rob to stop the beatings, he said, “He’s the mob,” whatever that means.
  • Ford referred to both the drug dealer and ex-Toronto Community Housing CEO Gene Jones with the n word. (As in: “No n—– gets fired in my town. When I get re-elected that n—– is going to be back in charge.”)
  • Kathy, who has a history of drug addiction, was the first to light up the crack pipe. The mayor grabbed it out of her hands.

Little of this is verifiable, but if the Star didn’t have at least some confidence in its source’s credibility it probably wouldn’t have published the article. Read the rest here.