Netflix — House of Cards, Season 2

Netflix — House of Cards, Season 2

Don’t miss season two of House of Cards—it lands on Netflix in five short days

One year ago, Netflix’s smash hit House of Cards introduced audiences to a range of incredible new things: the calculating anti-hero Frank Underwood, the first truly great TV show made exclusively for the internet, and the intense experience of a new kind of viewing—watching a whole season in one greedy gulp, as every episode is released at the same time.

Get ready to re-live the experience. After a great deal of anticipation, audiences will get to binge on 13 new episodes of House of Cards when its second season lands on Netflix this Friday, February 14.

“Hunt or be hunted” is an apt tagline for the new block of shows.

In this second set of episodes, Frank (Kevin Spacey) is installed as Vice President, but he and his wife Claire (Robin Wright) but must continue their plotting in order to guard themselves from enemies on all sides.

Raymond Alan Tusk (Gerald McRaney), the billionaire ally of President Garrett Walker (Micahel Gill), maneuvers to manipulate Frank. And Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara), the dogged political reporter, inches closer to splashing Frank’s crimes on front page of the Washington Herald, all the while unsure if her involvement with the crafty VP will put her in danger—or link her irrevocably to scandal.

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Will Frank’s crimes be revealed? Will Claire turn on her husband? Will the pair make it to the just-announced season three? Is democracy really overrated? Find out this Friday.

Among other firsts for House of Cards are its many awards and accolades. It’s the first web-released series to receive nine Emmy nominations—and to win three of them (Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series, Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series, Outstanding Cinematography for a single-Camera Series). Similarly, it was the first streaming show to receive four Golden Globe nominations, including a win for Robin Wright in the Best Actress in a Drama Series category. The Writers Guild of America Awards gave House of Cards the nod as Best New Series.

To watch, sign up for Netflix here for just $7.99 per month and get one month free. Not initiated to House of Cards yet? You have just enough time to catch up on season one and find out what all the praise is about before season two’s release.

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