Michael Thompson would like to clarify something very important

Michael Thompson would like to clarify something very important

Does Michael Thompson really want to cancel Christmas? (Image: Allen McGregor)

“I love Christmas. Don’t anybody think for a moment that Thompson doesn’t love Christmas. I do.”

That was Toronto councillor Michael Thompson, as quoted by the Toronto Star yesterday, both speaking in the third person and expressing his love for the (allegedly) most wonderful day of the year in the same sentence. His words came in response to his earlier statements that the city should considering cutting—or at least outsourcing—Toronto’s Christmas Bureau after the much-ballyhooed KMPG audit identified its programs as expendable. In case it wasn’t clear, he wanted to make sure everybody knew how much he really does still love Christmas.

Of course, the fact that both the Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun ran stories on this (hats off to the Sun for sneaking in a pair of Grinch references) suggests that the city should not, in fact, be in the business of funding Christmas (that’s what Coca-Cola is for, duh). However, despite the Sun’s sensational headline, we’re pretty sure Thompson doesn’t actually want to act like Alan Rickman in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and cancel Christmas.

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