Mayoral race to Toronto: would you be more interested if we threw in John Tory?

Mayoral race to Toronto: would you be more interested if we threw in John Tory?

John Tory: don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone (Image: Ontario Chamber of Commerce)

We’re not sure whether it’s a sign of inevitable Ford fatigue or just a slow news day, but the Toronto Star is running two articles today referring to how “speculation is rampant at city hall” that John Tory is considering jumping into the mayoral race. On the other hand, it’s tough to take an article seriously when it describes the generally dull 2010 race as being full of “twists and turns” (though we suppose Giambrone probably did do some twisting).

According to one of the Star articles,Several city councillors were approached last week about whether they would be willing to endorse Tory.” Presumably, this is a kind of informal polling to woo Tory into the race, though the speculation comes off more as a subtle jab at the present right-wing candidates, who aren’t exactly wowing the city. Royson James writes in his column:

The progressive, political right? They have a problem. They can’t get the real right-wingers to coalesce around Smitherman. Rocco Rossi has been underwhelming. Giorgio Mammoliti is Ford light. And Sarah Thomson? Let that hang in the air a bit.

And they fear Ford is a buffoon who would be an embarrassment when he’s not fighting the unions, cutting grants, selling off public assets and engaged in pitched battles with his own council.

That’s why normally sane people are mulling the idea of drafting Tory to get us out of the mess.

OK, maybe that’s not so subtle.

Maybe it’s just us bemoaning the end of the regular television season, but it seems to us like TV producers have taken control of this race. Bringing back dead characters always stirs up interest in shows with failing ratings. As soon as the token cute kid throws a hat into the ring, then we’ll know for sure.

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