Mayoral candidates trip over each other to gripe about new bike lanes

Mayoral candidates trip over each other to gripe about new bike lanes

(Image: IK's World Trip)

Reaction to the city’s announcement of a bunch of new bike lanes yesterday—including a separated one along a chunk of University between Wellesley and Richmond—was swift, immoderate and wildly political. Mr. Rossi, you were saying something to the Sun reporter?

Pulling two lanes of University Avenue out of commission, particularly right now with our transit funding in doubt, is sheer madness. And there is a larger issue of democratic fairness here, too. Bike lanes on arterial roads have emerged as a major issue in this election campaign. I am calling on the mayor to acknowledge the basic rights of the people of Toronto to choose their own future.

Madness! At least as crazy as Rocco Rossi saying bike lanes “have emerged” as an issue, when it’s his campaign that has been beating the drum loudest and longest.

Of course, Rossi is not alone. Bike lane expansion is having a rough time of it with all the mayoral candidates. Of the six quoted by the Sun, only Joe Pantalone supports the new lanes, whereas Rob Ford, Giorgio Mammoliti and Rossi are all predictably against them. George Smitherman, who has turned taking the middle road into not saying anything at all, says we should delay creating new lanes. Sarah Thomson prefers the lanes directly down the centre of University, making ugly every boulevard and left turn.

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