Map of Ford Nation found! Check out Rob Ford’s allies and enemies

Map of Ford Nation found! Check out Rob Ford’s allies and enemies

Here’s something we’ll be bookmarking for future reference: Matt Elliott, author of the Web site Ford For Toronto, has put together a spreadsheet comparing councillors’ votes to Rob Ford’s and calculating the percentage of Ford support among all councillors. The scorecard’s permanent address is here, where Elliot also explains how he put it together. While there’s a relatively small number of important votes to draw conclusions from, the scorecard clarifies what we already suspected.

Not including himself, there are 18 voices on council who have voted with Ford 100 per cent of the time. There are 25 who have voted more than 66 per cent of the time with the mayor. (To win, the mayor needs 22 votes.) Meanwhile the opposition is divided, and incoherent based on the different voting patterns. Only 15 have voted with Ford 33 per cent of the time or less, and only one has voted against Ford in 100 per cent of the major votes. Pam McConnell, collect your prize.

It will be interesting to see how this index changes—and whose percentages change—as Ford inevitably leaves “honeymoon land” and enters “politics-as-usual land”. We’ve drawn up a map of the scorecard’s results (note how different it seems from the now-famous map of the election results), but to see how your councillor votes, check out the Ford For Toronto scorecard link below. Many thanks to Matt Elliott for sharing it with us.

• Council Scorecard [Ford For Toronto]

(Data: current as of March 6, 2011. Compiled by Matt Elliott with data from Only “major” votes included.