Mad magazine puts Justin Bieber on its cover, reminds everyone it still exists

Mad magazine puts Justin Bieber on its cover, reminds everyone it still exists

Well, this settles it—Justin Bieber is officially everywhere. Appearing at MuchMusic last week and on SNL this past weekend (where he parodied Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly’s horror flick The Roommate alongside comedian Andy Samberg), the Biebs is on a publicity tour to promote his upcoming biopic, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. Now the (arguably) most famous teen in the world is receiving what was once one of the highest comedic honours: an appearance on the February 16 cover of Mad (yes, apparently it’s still around).

The magazine’s signature cartoon boy, Alfred E. Neuman, is seen sporting the signature Bieber bowl cut and purple hoodie, complete with cover lines that read: “Justin Bieber—HIS STUPID HAIR! HIS DUMB BOOK! HIS TERRIBLE MOVIE! HIS AWFUL MUSIC!” Mad’s editor John Ficarra says he’s prepared for inevitable backlash from angry Beliebers. He told the Associated Press:

Every time we put one of these young teen stars on the covers – this goes back to New Kids on the Block – we do get a ton of mail from prepubescent girls…. The weird thing is I happened to be looking through old issues and we did a piece on Elvis, too… So that must be hardwired into the DNA of prepubescent girls. When somebody attacks, they do the same.

Just as Elvis’s swiveling hips made girls swoon, Bieber’s angelic voice has been known to drive three-year-olds to near hysteria, a phenomenon documented on YouTube. If those kinds of over-the-top reactions continue, maybe this won’t be the last Mad cover for Stratford’s famous son.

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