Five things we learned about celebrity interior designer Lenny Kravitz

Five things we learned about celebrity interior designer Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz (right) (Image: Elhormiguero)

Lenny Kravitz is a name we haven’t heard in a long time, save for occasional radio play of “American Woman” and news of his daughter Zoe’s exploits. It was recently announced that Kravitz has been pegged to design a 10,000-square-foot floor at Toronto’s Bisha Hotel and Residences downtown, and we’re intrigued at the idea of Kravitz extending his unique aesthetic sensibilities to interior design (although we can’t help but imagine snakeskin and leather everywhere). Check out five things we learned about Kravitz and his love for design below.

1. Lenny Kravitz: design prodigy
Kravitz caught the design bug early—he used to constantly rearrange his room as a child in New York City (instead of playing with Lego, he had the physical strength to move furniture). “If your environment is inspiring to you, if it makes you feel good, you’re able to be more creative,” Lenny told the Toronto Star.

2. This isn’t a passing fancy; he’s owned his own design firm since 2003
Kravitz takes this business seriously—he even founded an eponymous interior design firm in 2003. Since then his projects have included the Florida Room at the Delano Hotel in Miami, a recording studio in the Setai Hotel in Miami, and private residences in New York and Paris.

3. Kravitz’s project with Bisha will cost $150 million
In Toronto, Kravitz will be teaming up with Lifetime Developments and INK Entertainment for this $150 million project located at 56 Blue Jays Way.

4. He’s still a little fuzzy on the details
Kravitz describes his vision as “plush and lush and comfortable and inspiring.” We weren’t sure what that meant, but Kravitz elaborates further: “It’s going to be warm, it’s going to be soulful. It has to be elegant and sexy the moment you get off that elevator.” So, no snakeskin then, but maybe some leather?

5. Kravitz wants to hang out in Toronto more
While Kravitz hasn’t decided on a firm vision for this Toronto project, he feels the city will help dictate his design choices. “I love Toronto, it’s a beautiful city. I’m going to make a special trip. I’ve never gone to hang…so I need to stay a week and see everything.”

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