LeBron James pours a little salt into the Raptors’ wounds

LeBron James pours a little salt into the Raptors’ wounds

James and the giant speech (Image: Keith Allison)

On Tuesday night, LeBron James took a break from being the best basketball human on the planet give an absolutely enraging press conference during which he: a) claimed it’s easy to swish half-court buzzer-beating three pointers (like this), and b) took a few shots at the now-vacationing Toronto Raptors. “When you see the game between Chicago and Toronto in Toronto, you can tell they didn’t really want to make the playoffs,” he announced after his Cavaliers won the opening best-of-seven series with the Bulls 4-1. “Honestly… we wanted to play Chicago more than Toronto in this first round because we knew we were going to get pushed a little bit more.”

Yes. Pushed. That’s what those games looked like, LeBron.

The worst part is that he’s probably right about the Raptors, and he’s probably right about his shooting. But no matter. Perhaps James was just sore because of his injured elbow that apparently hurt so much he had to switch arms to shoot a late-game free throw. Bored sports fans can even follow the surprisingly insightful elbow’s progress on Twitter. The latest? “Had a good day. I feel fine but apparently they are going to poke me and do more tests tomorrow. I hate Doctors, they smell like apricots.”

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