Kory Teneycke leaves Sun TV News before it even starts

Well, that was the strangest summer job ever: Kory Teneycke is leaving his position at Quebecor, which means that someone else will be shepherding Fox News North to Canadian screens come January. Teneycke’s departure comes amid the fight between him and Margaret Atwood and now a potential police investigation into who exactly added a bunch of fake names to an on-line petition slamming Sun TV.

In case our readers need a refresher, here is pretty much everything that Teneycke managed to accomplish as VP of television development for QMI:

The Teneycke-shaped hole at QMI is going to be filled by Luc Lavoie, a former advisor to Brian Mulroney. So, if the political slant of the network is defined by the former boss of the guy in the VP’s office, we can expect less red-meat right-wingery and more free trade agreements and constitutional tinkering. It’s almost enough to make us miss Teneycke already. • Former PMO staffer quits Sun TV bid [Toronto Star] • Former Tory spokesman exits Sun TV [Globe and Mail]Teneycke resigns from Quebecor [CBC News] • Former Tory spokesman quits Sun TV [CTV News]


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