Justin Bieber takes over White House, People staffer’s free meal at correspondents’ dinner

Justin Bieber takes over White House, People staffer’s free meal at correspondents’ dinner

The Biebs and Marlon Wayans have their signals crossed at the correspondents' dinner (Image: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)

We don’t typically pay attention to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, but since Fearless Leader Justin Bieber was among the guests, we took a closer look at the random and absurd people who were invited to the dinner on Saturday. The Biebs was invited by People magazine (for its extensive coverage of health care reform, of course) and was joined by fellow People magazine political junkie Jessica Simpson. Kim Kardashian was there with Fox News (which also inexplicably invited Enrique Iglesias), along with the Jonas Brothers. We assume they were invited to keep the first daughters entertained.

The New Yorker’s guests included Judd Apatow and Tracy Morgan—odd that he wasn’t at the NBC table, where 30 Rock co-star Alec Baldwin sat. Glamour, which had Michelle Obama on its cover as a Woman of the Year, also had reps there. (Who thinks Glamour asked her to be a cover girl to secure invites to the WHCD? The folks at Cosmo must be kicking themselves.)

Obviously the WHCD is now more of a contest to see which media outlet can churn out the most A-list celebs, rather than an evening of Washington correspondents patting each other on the back. Bieber has already caused international riots and is a permanent trending topic on Twitter, but now he has taken away a free dinner at the White House from some underpaid People staffer. He already has the Internet on his side, along with the pop charts and television (he was on SNL a few weeks ago). Up next: his own magazine empire.

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