Justin Bieber = Bieger than Jesus?

Justin Bieber = Bieger than Jesus?

Justin Bieber, Stratford’s teen pop sensation, will make TV history next week when he becomes The View’s first musical guest to perform on two consecutive days. (We can only imagine this will beget another groundbreaking event: the first time any female under 30 tunes in to The View.)

The Biebs has been popping up in the darndest places lately: yesterday, the New York Times devoted space to his just-announced North American tour (and let’s not forget the paper’s lengthy profile back in December), and our tender-hearted Ontario peach recently sang the first verse of the “We Are the World” redux and the last lines in the Young Artists for Haiti’s “Wavin’ Flag” video. As if that weren’t enough, it turns out the lesbian community’s got a bit of a crush, too.

For those whose knowledge of androgynous pint-sized pop stars began and ended with Hanson, the good people over at Gawker have compiled a handy cheat sheet.

Our oversized flat-brimmed hats go off to you, young Bieber. Well played, sir, well played.

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