Joe Pantalone seeks to automate city hall

Joe Pantalone seeks to automate city hall

Joe Pantalone courts the nerd vote (Image: Tania Liu)

Joe Pantalone seems to believe that he is plugged into the frustrations of busy Torontonians. Chief among them? Getting out and voting. Pantalone released a vision for a more interactive city hall this week, dubbed Plan for Civic Values. The scheme includes implementing on-line voting by 2014, roving town hall meetings, an increase in the number of city transactions available on-line and live committee meetings broadcast on the Internet. On his Web site, the plan is presented as a way to keep city neighbourhoods bustling and teeming with life, though it unintentionally sounds like he’s reaching out to shut-ins:

“As Mayor, Joe would implement his Plan for Civic Value to make city government more accountable, flexible, and accessible—to get people out of lineups and back in their neighbourhoods.”

The Web site does not inspire confidence, with the document called “Plan for Civic Values” in the title but “Plan for Civic Value” in the text. Which is it?

The other major candidates are predictably unimpressed with the value-values plan. George Smitherman admitted it would be an improvement but said it wasn’t the “real” change people wanted. More hilariously, “Giorgio Mammoliti dismissed the policies as ‘not any of the things the people in this city are talking about,’” reports the Star. This is the same guy who suggested a citywide curfew for young people and opening a Las Vegas–style casino on the waterfront. Does he think Torontonians are talking about his lead in the polls, too?

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