Jaffer’s session with MPs rapidly descends into Grade 5–style blame game

Jaffer’s session with MPs rapidly descends into Grade 5–style blame game

Once upon a power couple: Rahim Jaffer and Helena Guergis (Images: parl.gc.ca)

Despite what is hinted at on the Edmonton Sun’s Web site, Rahim Jaffer wasn’t on the couch or in his pyjamas yesterday. The former Conservative Party MP was grilled by a bunch of his old House colleagues on Parliament Hill over the scandal involving him, wife Helena Guergis, cocaine, influence peddling and associate Nazim Gillani. The only key bit of information to take away is this: Jaffer denies everything.

Indeed, nothing new has been proven since his careless driving charge a few weeks ago. Before the MPs yesterday, Jaffer maintained that he’s never used illegal drugs but did admit to getting behind the wheel after a few drinks and has apologized to his wife, recently resigned minister of state Helena Guergis, and his former colleagues. As for alleged dealings with Gillani, Jaffer says there was “no synergy” between their firms. He also blames the opposition and the media for sullying his reputation. And while it’s true that the swirling rumours are not pretty, we can’t help but wonder if corporate jargon and wailing at the press are the best ways to assert one’s innocence.

“We are being completely hung out to dry without any real evidence that we have done anything wrong,” says Jaffer, according to the Star.

Meanwhile, MPs are blaming Jaffer for ruining their reputation:

“It’s a little rich for you to be lecturing us today on raising the bar of ethical standards when it’s you, Rahim, that we’re here to talk about with ethical standards, never mind your personal life… You’re making us all look bad,” said NDP MP Pat Martin.

“This type of behaviour sullies all of our names,” says Tory MP Chris Warkentin regarding Jaffer’s company stating that it helps companies “secure support from the Canadian government.”

Jaffer making politicians look bad? Pot meet kettle.

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