Inside a wild Bridle Path birthday party, with a ferris wheel, drag performances and Justin Bieber’s dad

Inside a wild Bridle Path birthday party, with a ferris wheel, drag performances and Justin Bieber’s dad

Andy Curnew throws a mean party. Last year, Curnew, a tech exec who also owns several dental clinics, rounded up Justin Bieber, a Batmobile and a tiger at his Bridle Path mansion to celebrate the engagement of his buddy Jeremy, a.k.a. Bieber’s dad. This past Saturday, he once again joined forces with Bieber senior and party people Concierge Club to throw himself an equally wild birthday shindig inspired by the 19th-century Paris nightclub Cabaret de L’Enfer. Here’s a look inside.

A ferris wheel on the front driveway gave guests a bird’s-eye view of the sprawling Bridle Path estate:

Not to mention a view of the hilarious red-carpet rabbit:

Red carpet rabbit #pacorabanne #bummo

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Besides pizza and hot dogs, there was a sushi platter (she was mercifully stationed next to a heater):

It wouldn’t be a Curnew party without a few superheroes. The night’s collection included Batman:

@theconciergeclub throws the best parties? Had so much fun yesterday! Stay tuned for more❤

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Wonder Woman (pictured here with Curnew):

And a dancing, eight-foot-tall robot, because why not?:

There was also a wandering troupe of chips-and-salsa servers:

Squad goals to max. Happy bday Andy Curnew

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And a roaming flautist:

Played at an amazing private event put on by @theconciergeclub today.

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Local drag queens Tynomi Banks, Jada Hudson and Devine Darlin (pictured with a guest) delivered a stellar, denim-heavy act:

What a night!! #conciergeclub #andysbirthday #wildnight

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And there was more than one smoking burlesque performance:

Had a blast entertaining for the evening! #jeremybieber ?? boomerang by @tanyacheex

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@g_emerald #jeremybieber #pacorabanne #bummo

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Neighbours Conrad Black and Barbara Amiel must have heard the racket, because they moseyed over:

Jeremy Bieber gave the mechanical bull a go (though his son, scheduled to attend, was a no-show):

Da bull

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Later, Bieber got inked at the onsite Ace & Sword tattoo booth: