If Sun Media can do it anybody can—Rogers ready to launch its own all-news channel

If Sun Media can do it anybody can—Rogers ready to launch its own all-news channel

CityNews will have a 24-hour news channel this fall (Image: CityNews.ca)

Toronto’s 24-hour cable news market is going to get even more crowded this fall, as Rogers Media announced this morning that it’s launching its own all-news-all-the-time channel this October. With CityNews, the telecommunications giant appears to be attempting to capitalize on some of that good ol’ synergistic magic, bringing together a number of its Toronto news brands, including Citytv, 680 News and Maclean’s magazine.

From Citytv’s press release:

“We’re taking the number one news radio format in Canada, 680 News, and bringing it to television under the brand of CityNews Channel,” said Scott Moore, President, Rogers Broadcasting Ltd.

“By incorporating our trailblazing and trusted news brands from CityNews, 680 News, and publishing – including Canada’s most trusted news magazine, Maclean’s –  CityNews Channel is poised to be the destination local news channel,” Moore said.

So far, CityNews is avoiding the histrionics that accompanied Sun News’s start—no broad, inane attacks on the “lamestream media”; no apparent demands for regulatory favours from the CRTC; and no indications that an RCMP investigation is looming. In other words, it has the trappings of a professional job—but we have to admit that we’re kinda bored already. We blame the madmen at Quebecor: if a news channel doesn’t look absurd in the first 24 hours, we just don’t know what to do anymore.

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