“I bet $400 on an NFL game”: How a production team leader spends his money

“I bet $400 on an NFL game”: How a production team leader spends his money

Recent splurges include a fancy belt and a big bet on an NFL game

Who: Nick Corbett, 27
What he does: Production team leader in the automotive industry
What he makes: $80,000 a year
Where he lives: A one-bedroom basement apartment at Yonge and St. Clair

Regular expenses: Rent: $1,300 a month. Utilities: $40 a month. Internet: $35 a month. Cellphone: $150 a month. Loan repayment: $325 a month. “I’m paying back a $2,000 personal loan, which went toward an Alienware gaming desktop and a Macbook.” Gaming: $24 a month for Xbox Live and Discord. Transportation: $140 a month for a Presto card. Netflix: $14 a month. Savings: $200 a month. Groceries: $350 a month. Drinks: $350 a month. “My friends and I like to go to Scallywags or the Roy Public House.” Juul Pods: $200 a month. “Vaping is cheaper than smoking, so I’m saving about $120 a month. My favourite flavour is mango.” Fantasy sports: $120 a month.

Recent splurges: Belt: $480, from Selfridges. “I bought it for a New Year’s Eve party.” Travel: $1,000, for an upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic. Music: $60, for a vintage Duke Ellington record. “I collect records and listen to mostly jazz at home.” Gambling: $400, on an NFL game, with a site called Betway. “I bet the combined score would be more than 44.5 and I won $360.” Books: $60, from Amazon. “I bought Taipei by Tao Lin and Scale by Keith Buckley.”

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