The Post-Pandemic Future of Everything

As Toronto emerges from its Covid-induced fugue state, we’ll need to rebuild the city. It’s challenging, yes, but also exciting. We asked Toronto’s smartest thinkers to predict how the city could change—for the better

How Covid got big thinkers thinking

|1| The big picture
By Jason McBride


|2| Affordable Internet will become a universal human right
By Alejandra Ruiz Vargas


|3| The film and TV industry will go virtual—actors and sets included
By Paul Bronfman


|4| Modular housing can end homelessness
By Abigail Bond


|5| Micro-restaurants are the future of fine dining
By David Hopkins


|6| Toronto’s main streets will become European-style pedestrian hubs
By Kristyn Wong-Tam


|7| Universal pharmacare will save Canadians billions of dollars per year
By Eric Hoskins


|8| Home care will ease the burden on hospitals
By Kevin Smith


|9| Brick-and-mortar stores will reinvent themselves with AI
By Diane J. Brisebois


|10| We will drastically reduce the number of people in Ontario jails—and prevent more crimes in the process
By Paula Osmok


|11| Affordable child care will save the economy
By Jagmeet Singh


|12| We will regulate long-term care to protect residents
By Patty Coates


|13| Virtual visits will revolutionize family health care
By Jennifer Young


|14| We’ll turn city lands and golf courses into massive urban farms
By Paul Taylor


|15| Facial recognition, voice activation and VR will transform offices
By Claudette McGowan


|16| All mental health services will be covered under OHIP
By Thomas Ungar


|17| We will stop warehousing older people in care homes
By Samir Sinha


|18| Grocery delivery will save the planet
By Ran Goel


|19| E-cycles will become the new public transit
By Darnel Harris and Sam Starr


|20| Race-based data collection can make our city more equitable
By Arjumand Siddiqi


|21| E-commerce will save small businesses
By Satish Kanwar


|22| Restaurants will become multi-platform one-stop shops
By Andrew Oliver


|23| Inclusionary zoning can help fix the housing crisis
By Mitchell Cohen


|24| A basic income will bring millions of people out of poverty
By Michael Coteau


|25| Every homeless person will get a room of their own
By Cathy Crowe


|26| As business travel declines, leisure travel will thrive
By Ambarish Chandra


|27| Employees will work wherever they want
By Zabeen Hirji


|28| Food couriers will run their own delivery apps
By Iván Ostos