Hot to Trot-sky: Jay Baruchel looking fine in GQ

Hot to Trot-sky: Jay Baruchel looking fine in GQ

Jay Baruchel: when it rains, he soars (Image: Ben Watts/GQ)

We had a Princess Diaries moment this morning when we saw this photo shoot of Jay Baruchel in GQ. Remember that awkward tween next to Elisha Cuthbert on Popular Mechanics for Kids? The one who just asserted his dorky bona fides by becoming the 20-something poster child of the Judd Apatow franchise? There’s no evidence of it here. Baruchel may be delightfully self-effacing and classically eh-list sheepish in interviews (he confessed on The Hour that he still lives minutes away from his mama in Montreal and buys her smokes), but posing in Ray-Bans and $1,800 rain slickers for this slide show, he’s nothing short of—dare we say it?—hot.

Baruchel seems to be a little hurt by his geek typecasting. On his role in She’s Out of My League, he had this to say to GQ:

It’s always flattering when someone offers you a movie, especially the lead in a movie. But then to read the script and see the constant references to how repulsive I am? The stage direction is just rife with all this stuff about how fucking disgusting I am. One can’t help but get a wee bit insulted.

Do more photo shoots like this, Jay, and you’ll be playing alongside Nicolas Cage even more in the future—and it will be more Face/Off 2, not Sorcerer’s Apprentice 2.

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