Hollinger three: Circling the drain

Hollinger three: Circling the drain

With Conrad Black et al. jointly asking for an “emergency” stay to keep them out of prison—at least until the appellate court in the 7th circuit decides the matter of their application to remain free on bail—I am struck by the supreme irony of the Hollinger three tying their fate to common application in this matter. I’m making my way through Steve Skurka’s new book on the trial titled Tilted and came across the following passage, and believe me there’s plenty more like it:

“Greenspan felt under siege from a number of quarters…he complained that during the trial not one of his co-counsel lifted a finger to help him and left him to ‘twist in the wind.’”

Moreover, reports Skurka, Greenspan failed to attend occasional group meetings of the defence at Ron Safer’s law firm “because he thought it was the enemy camp.”

The failure among the defendants to make common cause added to the ever-increasing air of desperation that pervaded the defence’s demeanour throughout. And that’s why they’re in the same boat today, circling the drain.

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