“Hidden Cash” is now happening in Toronto

“Hidden Cash” is now happening in Toronto

(Image: @hiddencashTO/Twitter)

About a week and a half ago, an anonymous person in San Francisco started tweeting clues to the locations of hidden envelopes of no-strings-attached cash. In just a few days, the ensuing media frenzy inspired imitators in a bunch of cities, and now Toronto has a Hidden Cash franchise of its very own.

Hidden Cash Toronto first appeared on Twitter on Thursday morning. At the time this post was written, the account had already amassed over 3,500 followers. So far, the mystery person behind the scheme has made four cash drops of $100 each, with clues to each revealed on Twitter, scavenger-hunt style. (The latest one was hidden near Rogers Centre.) A fifth drop is supposed to happen at some point today.

The cash-hider has been keeping his or her identity a secret, and agreed to be interviewed only through Twitter direct messages. He or she wouldn’t reveal the source of all this (literally) disposable income, but did admit to having been a “business owner.” At one point in the exchange, the hider said, “I have no problem sharing my wealth,” implying that the whole thing is an altruistic venture, backed by some kind of personal fortune. Of course, the odds are 50-50, at this point, that the whole thing is just stealth marketing for a soft drink.

In any case, it seems likely to continue for a little while. “I’ll do this until it isn’t fun anymore,” the cash-hider told us. “Right now, it’s REALLY fun.”