Here’s something to make pinko cyclists cringe: “Doug Ford for Premier”

Here’s something to make pinko cyclists cringe: “Doug Ford for Premier”

Doug Ford (Image:

Rumours are abounding that the mayor’s brother, Doug Ford, is being courted by the provincial Tories under Tim Hudak—and Ford isn’t ruling it out. According to the Toronto Star, his only response when asked about the rumours was “Never say never.”

From the Star’s report:

Sources say Ford seriously considered the idea during a Florida getaway before Christmas but came to the conclusion he wanted to stay and help his brother bring fiscal accountability to city hall.

He is seen as a huge asset to the mayor, who has avoided the media spotlight while his big brother steps forward to push their smaller-government, do-more-with-less agenda.

But Conservative insiders say Ford — whose late father, Doug Ford, Sr., was a Tory MPP for the old riding of Etobicoke-Humber from 1995 to 1999 — is enjoying his newfound political influence.

Indeed, Ford is even noodling the idea of eventually running for the leadership of the provincial Tories—and even if he never gets to be premier, becoming a cabinet minister in Hudak’s hypothetical government would mean that family dinners at the Ford clan would include one “His Worship” and one “the Honourable.”

For Hudak, there’s an obvious appeal to having Ford in the Progressive Conservative party. He would have a solid chance of winning his seat, giving the Tories a coveted seat in the 416. (Ford memorably called his ward “Ford country,” adding “Rob could commit murder on the steps of city hall and they would still vote for him.”) We’d certainly put Doug Ford’s odds higher than Rocco Rossi’s in Eglinton-Lawrence.

It’s a pretty sudden rise for someone who has been alternating between Toronto and Chicago since the Ford’s printing company opened its Chicago plant in 1999. Apparently, concerns that politicians are “just visiting” are applicable only to Liberals who make the mistake of teaching at Harvard.

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