Fox News North is a go: CRTC

Fox News North is a go: CRTC

Surely this now means that we can expect less whining about unfair, empire-building bureaucrats out to stick it to the free market system, right? The CBC, and everyone else, is reporting that Sun TV News has been granted a category two license from the CRTC—this has been expected ever since Sun TV News dropped its dropped its welfare application.

In its statement, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission reiterated “the importance of maintaining and enhancing the plurality of editorial voices in local and national markets and ensuring that Canadians are exposed to an appropriate plurality of those voices.”

“The licensing of additional competitive mainstream national news services is one means of achieving this objective,” the CRTC statement added.

Just think: this network has been immensely entertaining before it’s even started broadcasting. We can hardly wait to see what they actually put on air. Our hot-tub panel idea is available for licensing, if Pierre-Karl Peladeau is curious.

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