Ford Fest 2012 will have police, pony rides and a Pride parade

Ford Fest 2012 will have police, pony rides and a Pride parade

(Image: Sh4rp_i)

Despite the fact that Ford Fest is open to anyone who cares to schlep over to Rob Ford’s mom’s house in Etobicoke, every year there seems to be some issue with the guest list at the community barbecue. Last year it was speculation over whether Tim Hudak would attend (he did); this year, a contingent from the LGBT community is planning an unofficial Pride parade for this evening’s event. The idea is to help the mayor see what he’s been missing (and, we imagine, to enjoy some hot dogs, beer and pony rides). The group’s Facebook event page explains:

Well, since Rob was too busy to come to any Pride events this year, we are going to bring the Pride Parade to his backyard. After all, everyone is invited.

Bring your Pride in whatever form you like and let’s show Rob what our community is all about! Above all, let’s keep this peaceful, fun, and political.

The Facebook event already has 700 confirmed guests, though how many will make the leap from Facebook to Etobicoke is anyone’s guess. Doug Ford said late last week that he will “welcome these folks with open arms.” However, the Ford family, expecting a record turnout, will have both police and private security on hand, and Doug warned that “if they start acting up or shenanigans, well, there is security there, we’ll take care of that.” [h/t Toronto Star]