Ford adviser: stop funding the TTC

Ford adviser: stop funding the TTC

(Image: Bill Burris)

Like most Torontonians, we hadn’t heard of Mark Twohey until today, but that all changed when the Toronto Star‘s bloggers dug up one of his old posts and figured out that he is now an adviser to Rob Ford. As Ford’s director of policy, Twohey’s views on city politics are worth knowing. So what does the man think about the TTC, for example? That it should have its funding cut off:

Here’s what planners should do. First, they should assume the City will simply stop funding the TTC come April 1, 2011. Period. No more city money to transit.

Why is the city in the transit business anyway? Clearly, they’re no good at it.[…]

But how will people get to and from work, shopping, school, etc? Good question. I imagine more people may drive—so some of the billions the city saves should go to improving its roads. Others will be forced to use bicycles, hire more taxis, join car pools, etc. Apparently, that’s good for the environment, even. Bonus. [Italics are Twohey’s]

Brash, simplistic and union bashing: no wonder Ford loves this guy. Dumping tens of thousands of TTC commuters into already crowded streets is waved off with a mere “improving the roads,” as if filling potholes is going to solve the city’s traffic problems.

Rob Ford has enough problems with his own statements. Any bets on if or when Twohey’s views come up at the next debate?

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