Five things we learned from Jon Stewart’s coverage of G20 Toronto

Five things we learned from Jon Stewart’s coverage of G20 Toronto

Jon Stewart shows G20 leaders how to put the moves on Toronto women (Image: Comedy Network)

We’re as guilty as anyone for noting that coverage of the G20 was kind of sparse in the international media, but we knew that our summit (and its associated riot) had finally hit something of a media bonanza when it was featured on the most reputable source in fake news, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. Last night’s segment dedicated to G20 Toronto told the Comedy Central audience exactly five things about Toronto that are worth repeating.

1. We really are an Ashley Madison kind of city
Apparently it’s not just sports stars who like to visit Toronto for the ladies. Both Nicolas Sarkozy and China’s Hu Jintao came to T.O. unaccompanied by their wives. For the French PM, that actually might mean something.

2. We need to get the word out about our clubs
Yes, it was a throwaway joke poking fun at our mild manners, but still—saying our clubs close at 11? That’s crazy. We’ll have you know our clubs probably didn’t even bother opening due to security concerns.

3. Canadian beer is not worth mocking
In a joke about Barack Obama’s awkward beer exchange with new British PM David Cameron, not a single mention was made of Molson Canadian (that’s what Americans think we drink, right?). We’ve come a long way since the dark days of Canadian stereotypes.

4. G20 police tactics get a pass
While the protestors got their due, Stewart was oddly silent about the police response—including the 900 arrests, which was about the only thing other news agencies picked up on. Police officers can remind themselves of this when they are kept up at night wondering who exactly they had become.

5. Jon Stewart is just as confused as we are
Even a brilliant mind like Stewart’s was unable to glean a coherent message from the rowdy, feces-tossing crowds. It’s nice to know it wasn’t just us.

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