Five things we learned from Rob and Doug Ford’s latest batch of Ford Nation YouTube videos

Five things we learned from Rob and Doug Ford’s latest batch of Ford Nation YouTube videos


Four episodes in, someone should just post a crier with an old cowbell in the streets of Toronto, issuing a weekly-ish proclamation that, “THE NEW FORD NATION VIDEO IS HERE!” This week, in front of their crinkled, ridiculous backdrop, Rob and Doug Ford regale literally dozens of viewers with their tales of elbow-rubbing Hollywood hobnobbery. The Fords (including wild-card third brother Randy) were in L.A. earlier this month for the mayor’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Here, five things we learned about their trip from this week’s batch of Ford Nation YouTube videos:

1. Rob Ford is a “rock star”

Even in Hollywood, on Oscar weekend, when the world’s most famous people gather to sip cocktails poolside and titter and…do other stuff super-famous people do, Rob Ford still stands out. The mayor talks at length about attending a party at the W Hotel, where he was constantly asked to pose for photos. “You were a rock star there,” said brother Doug, not knowing that people pose for photos with the mayor because they’re making fun of him—indeed, not even knowing what words mean.

2. Rob Ford handed out 5,000 business cards while in L.A.

By the standards of someone who seems to measure the success of his diplomatic missions in terms of how many pieces of card stock bearing his name and cell phone number he can move, this was an amazing trip. By his own estimation, Ford “exchanged cards” with “business people” 5,000 times. 5,000 cards! Imagine: if each of those business cards led to just one dollar of business being done in Toronto, that’s literally $5,000 Rob Ford has managed to generate for the city on this trip alone.

3. Jimmy Kimmel is easygoing, a great guy, etc.

According to Doug, Jimmy Kimmel will take a picture with “anyone and everyone…including your pet dog.” This is Jimmy Kimmel’s actual, undiluted personality, and in no way the affectation of someone who hosts a late-night talk show toadying up to a prized guest and his stunned entourage. The Fords also repeated their claim that Kimmel will be appearing on a future episode of Ford Nation. Oh boy.

4. Kevin Spacey is an SOB

While backstage at Kimmel, the Fords also ran across guest Kevin Spacey. While Doug thinks that Kevin Spacey is “an incredible actor,” he also thinks he’s an “arrogant SOB” because he wouldn’t pose for photos. “Who does this character think he is? He thinks he’s God, that’s up there?” Doug is also amazed that Kevin Spacey can appear arrogant and removed backstage but then appear friendly and approachable on camera on Kimmel’s show. It’s called “acting.” Incredible acting, even! Maybe Kevin Spacey is just annoyed because Ford Nation shamelessly nipped that alienating, fourth-wall-breaking direct-address thing from House Of Cards.

5. Rob Ford doesn’t watch movies

Rob couldn’t weigh on Kevin Spacey’s incredible acting because he doesn’t watch movies. (“I wouldn’t know him if I ran over him,” says the mayor, thoughtlessly.) This may explain his stupefying obliviousness to how stories like his usually end.

You can watch this week’s Ford Nation videos right here: