Fare treatment: TTC driver charged with assault

Fare treatment: TTC driver charged with assault

(Image: Loren Javier)

Before long, we’ll be able to make seven dwarfs jokes about the TTC. First, there was the photo of the fare collector snoozing on the job. Then there was the fellow leaving customers on a vehicle while he took a break in the middle of his route. After that, bus passengers had to call 911 on their tipsy driver. Now, Toronto police had to be called after a TTC employee got into an altercation with a passenger, leading to an assault charge. Sleepy, Happy, Dopey and Grumpy.

Constable Wendy Drummond of the Toronto Police reported that the two men had a disagreement over the passenger’s fare. Things got so heated that a window was broken, and the driver is alleged to have caused the teenage passenger to suffer minor injuries.

This latest development comes just three days after the TTC union held its first meeting at which riders were invited to air their grievances. For the next shindig, might we suggest a practical self-defence workshop for riders?

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