Even more G20 charges dropped, Quebec begins waiting for an apology

Even more G20 charges dropped, Quebec begins waiting for an apology
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One of the stories during Toronto’s ill-fated hosting of the G20 summit was how many of the protesters were from Quebec, allegedly part of the Black Bloc group that caused so much damage downtown.  Something like a third of the people arrested were said to have been francophones. Well, the gross calumny against our Quebec brethren ought to be withdrawn, as more than 100 charges relating to the G20 protests were dropped today, most of them against Québécois.

According to the Globe and Mail:

“It’s really demonstrative of the criminalization of dissent,” said Robyn Maynard with the Anti-Capitalist Convergence, a Montreal group that helped organize transportation and housing for G20 protesters. “These were really false, heavy charges of conspiracy.”

She said some of the protesters arrested at the gym were charged simply for having black clothing, the colour worn by protesters who vandalized businesses the day before.

Three other members of the ACC who were arrested on the morning of June 26 as a “pre-emptive” measure by police also had their charges dropped.

The Globe adds that of the more than 1,100 people arrested that weekend, only six have been convicted so far. If anyone wants a sports metaphor, that means that Toronto cops are so far batting .005 for the season.

Not to worry, though: whatever reversals the police face, they’ll make up in the post-season. Just ask Alex Hundert, who is currently awaiting trial on bail. As a condition of his bail, he cannot speak publicly—well, he may not be able to speak in any public capacity at all. He can’t speak to reporters, he can’t speak at any public event, and we’re not sure, but he might be forbidden from ordering pizza over the phone. It’s like they always say: if they can’t be beat in court, use draconian powers to keep them from blabbing.

Somebody said that, right?

• G20-related charges against nearly 100 protesters dropped [Globe and Mail] • Staggering’ conditions on accused G20 ringleader [Toronto Star] • Dozens of G20 accused have charges dropped [CBC News]


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