Some disgruntled CFL fans don’t think the Toronto Argonauts deserve another Grey Cup

The Toronto Argonauts trounced the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Sunday at BMO Field, securing Toronto’s CFL team a spot in this year’s Grey Cup. Shortly after the Argos scored their game-winning touchdown, though, fans from rival CFL cities began to air their perennial grievance: Toronto, in the opinion of some hardcore Canadian football junkies, has an unenthusiastic CFL fanbase, and is therefore not deserving of good things on the gridiron. (There is some truth to this.) Here’s what people were saying:

Some were sarcastic:

Others were offended:

Argos crowd sizes are a running joke among CFL fans. But Sunday’s attendance was actually not bad:

There’s quite a bit of skepticism that this win will mark any kind of turnaround for the Argos’ local popularity:

Some CFL fans think any Argos resurgence is bound to be short-lived:

Yup, one could say that there’s some pent-up hostility toward the Argos fanbase:


A few Argos boosters are trying to be constructive, at least:

Admittedly, the symbolism of the logo quick-change at BMO Field wasn’t great:

You’re part of the problem, buddy:


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