Despite what Rob Ford says, light rail is best for Toronto: report

Despite what Rob Ford says, light rail is best for Toronto: report

Turns out that David Miller’s baby may not be as ugly as some were beginning to think. A new report says that Transit City is the best option for Toronto. If the report is trying to take Rob Ford’s mind off of subways, though, it faces some challenges. The authors of the report are environmentalists, activists and organized labour groups—not exactly the mayor-elect’s favourite people.

According to the report, light rail transit offers the best solution not only from an environmental standpoint, but also from a monetary one. Reports the Star:

The report, which recommends the new city council move ahead on the Transit City light rail plan, notes that subways cost about three times as much as light rail to build.

Although subways carry more people and could, therefore, potentially take more cars off the road, their benefits are only maximized in densely populated areas.

The Transit City plan, which Mayor-elect Rob Ford has said he wants to replace with subways, is designed to serve the suburbs where that kind of density doesn’t exist.

We can’t help but think that the mayor-elect might have given this report more consideration if it had been written by others. Those tireless “Orientals,” perhaps?

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