This is what Deadmau5’s new car looks like

This is what Deadmau5’s new car looks like

(Image: @GteeEhh/Twitter)

Toronto-based EDM superstar Deadmau5 has been tweeting photos of this adorable monstrosity for two months [UPDATE: and he has owned the underlying car since at least July], but it’s only in the past few days that smartphone-wielding pedestrians have spotted it tooling around on downtown streets. Behold: “the Purrari.”

(Image: Deadmau5/Instagram)

Underneath that explosion of rainbows and cuteness is a Ferrari 458 Spider, a car with a base price in the $260,000 range. (And who knows how much it would cost to customize one like this.) Deadmau5 is constantly posting YouTube videos of his own cat, Professor Meowingtons, so the feline angle makes sense, but we’re not sure exactly what it is specifically about Nyan Cat—a rainbow-crapping, Pop Tart-bodied YouTube meme—that piqued the musician’s interest.

Rob Ford has already been offered a ride in the car:

And let us pray that that happens, and that it ends up on Deadmau5’s YouTube channel along with his other “coffee runs.”

Anyhow, Deadmau5 wins the luxury-car arms race. Your move, Drake.