UPDATED: Deadmau5 is planning on selling his “Purrari”

UPDATED: Deadmau5 is planning on selling his “Purrari”

(Image: @GteeEhh/Twitter)

Deadmau5’s Ferrari 458 Spider has become an oddball fixture on Toronto streets, delighting onlookers with a Nyan Cat–themed vinyl wrap that all but screams, “My owner has enough money that ruining this $260,000 car in the most hilarious way possible is no big deal to him.” (In a recent YouTube video, Mr. Mau5 explained that the wrap is semi-permanent and difficult to remove.) Except now it seems that the so-called Purrari’s days as a mobile tourist attraction are drawing to a close. On Twitter over the weekend, Deadmau5 casually mentioned that he’ll soon be trading it in:

The car was his ride during this year’s Gumball 3000, a transcontinental rally that started in Miami and ended in Ibiza (obviously, some of the journey was made by airplane). Now that the event is over, the musician is evidently ready for a change.

Why a guy who reportedly makes six figures for a single night’s performance in Vegas would need to choose between a Ferrari and a McLaren is something known only to him, but we guess his condo probably only came with a couple parking spaces, and maybe his building has a one-ridiculous-luxury-car-per-resident policy? In any case, Deadmau5 is about to find out whether customizing a car with images of rainbow-crapping felines raises its value, or lowers it.

UPDATE: And the Purrari is now on Craigslist. The asking price is $380,000 “or best offer.” The ad says the car “purrs like Nyancat” and that the wrap is removable “if you’re a pussy.”