Darcy Allen Sheppard’s dad joins memorial bike ride, calls Toronto “toxic”

One year after his death, friends and family gathered in downtown Toronto to remember Darcy Allan Sheppard, the bike courier killed in an angry confrontation with former attorney general Michael Bryant. In the sweltering heat Sunday afternoon, a few dozen cyclists and couriers came together to remember a friend and bash the provincial prosecutor who dropped all the charges against Bryant. Among them was Sheppard’s father, Allan Sheppard, who had some choice words on the war between transport modes here in Toronto.

The CBC got Sheppard’s thoughts:

Sheppard’s father, Allan Sheppard, travelled from Edmonton to join the ride. He said he visits Toronto occasionally and sees animosity between cyclists and motorists that he doesn’t see in Edmonton.

“The atmosphere is very toxic here between drivers and riders — drivers and pedestrians, too,” he said. “I come from Edmonton which is the Wild West, but if I step off the curb, traffic stops, but it doesn’t here. And that just carries over to cyclists.”

He said the past year has been hard, but his son had his share of problems.

Sheppard also spoke about dealing with his grief but said it would be easier if Bryant would simply say he’s sorry. The Toronto Star quotes Sheppard as saying, “I do think I’d like Mr. Bryant to ’fess up. Just to say, ‘Look, what I did, I regret having done it... and I’m sorry.’”

• Cyclist Darcy Sheppard remembered [CBC News] • One year later, cyclist killed in confrontation remembered [Toronto Star] • Memorial bike ride held in honour of fallen courier [Globe and Mail] • Memorial for man who died after grabbing Bryant’s car [CTV News]


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